Back of House

Back of House

A never-before-seen look at the everyday antics that go on ‘Back of House’ at your local bar with all the weird and wild characters included.

Vision for the Show:
‘Back of House’ differs from other concepts because it stems from a never-ending source of content with the ability to build a cult following. This concept speaks to a Universal Story; almost everyone has been either a guest or a worker in a restaurant, bar or café and what happens behind the scenes is quite often more bizarre than fiction.

Creators: Olivia Scott & Patrick Hogan
Director: Tom McSweeney

Jax-Patrick Hogan
Angie-Olivia Scott
Marco-Corben Kemp
Sage-Leela Rashid
Donny-Lachlan Nolan
Chef-Ryan Wahanga
Basil-Davis Dingle
Clive-Brandon Bateman
Destiny-Jasmin Skye

Back of House
  • Pilot - THE DIRECTOR

    The manager (Angie) and bar supervisor (Jax) of a popular bar meet a director to shoot some promotional content but not all is as it seems and they are in for a WILD shock!