6 Episodes

San Francisco adman Roger has one day to correct a year’s worth of bad decisions: if he can make amends with his bitter ex-partner, outwit his manic boss and win the pitch of a lifetime, he might finally fulfill his dream of touring with the band.

Written and directed by Martin Edwards
Created by Martin Edwards and Chrissy Mazzeo
Executive Producers Anthony Veneziale, Martin Edwards, and Chrissy Mazzeo

  • Episode 1 - Excuse Me While I Find My Pants

    Episode 1

    New York alpha-boss Bob (Don Reed) accuses Roger (Anthony Veneziale) of running the San Francisco office into the ground; Maggie (Chrissy Mazzeo) tries to convince boyfriend and business partner Sanjay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) to attend couples therapy.

  • Episode 2 - The Awesome Wisdom Of Sir Richard Branson

    Episode 2

    Maggie discovers how badly Roger has managed the agency in her absence; Roger reveals the ace up his sleeve; Bob hatches a questionable plan.

  • Episode 3 - Jesus Saves (Sinners And Ad People)

    Episode 3

    Maggie makes a decision about working with Roger; an oddball creative team (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Irene Lucio) helps out on the Pear pitch; over-worked account executive Caitlin (Eirinie Carson) ponders the future.

  • Episode 4 - Epiphany With A Sunflower Butter Sandwich

    Episode 4

    Roger shares a cathartic experience with the guy who used to water his plants; Maggie reads the riot act to Sanjay; Bob and Caitlin bond over coffee and racial injustice.

  • Episode 5 - The Healing Power Of Maggie's Underwear

    Episode 5

    Roger bares his soul; Maggie comes to terms with her past; Bob and Caitlin decide to present the Pear pitch themselves.

  • Episode 6 - We Are All Enoch Bartlett (We Are All Liars)

    Episode 6

    Roger has a rude awakening and scrambles to get his plan back on track; Maggie, Bob, and Caitlin crack open a bottle of champagne; we finally discover who Enoch Bartlett is.