Blank Kanvas

Blank Kanvas

Sex, drugs, and robberies all occur in a tattoo parlor where people pay to be scarred for life. Three best friends work their dream jobs and they are forced to keep their dreams alive by
any means necessary.
Tracey, Mike, and Nathan keep everything running through blood, needles, and adrenalin. Because every day the door opens could mean their next masterpiece or a fight for their lives.

Vision for the Show:
There's a 6 episode story arch to get them to the championships to win the shop they love, will Tracey be able to overcome the trauma from her dad, and will MIke ever get laid!

Writer, Director, Producer – Craig Hartwell MA
Co-Writer - Mike Wyke
DOP - Aiden Hall MA

Vanessa McAuley
Matteo Pasquini
Dennis Norton
Frank Harper
John Williams
Peter Reynolm Hirst
Ana Rawson
Nate Ryan

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Blank Kanvas
  • The Pilot

    Justin a regular at the tattoo parlour books in every month yet fails to get tattooed ut of fear, he looks after his mum, on the last episode of the season Justins mum has died and he sits unflinching as he has a tattoo of his mum, he claims he just wanted to feel something