Bun In The Oven

Bun In The Oven

5 Episodes

A woman in corporate America faces another challenge in her career, as she deals with an unexpected pregnancy by a younger man with a low-paying job.

Vision For The Show:
The series is inspired by today’s politics and social commentary. With it being hard enough to raise a child with two parents, we can dive into a deeper topic regarding the single black mother who either has to put everything on hold or take on many obstacles in corporate America while carrying a child. The series can continue with the topics of domestic violence while women are pregnant, daycare being too expensive to the point of trusting your child with the “neighborhood mom” while at work, dating, etc

Jah Kindred & John Wyche
Lirelle Gardere – Marissa
Kody Peaks – De’Andre
Dameion Dukes – Henry
Bre Jacobs – Chandrea
Laura Soleil – Audrey
Directors: Jah Kindred & John Wyche
Producer/1st Assistant Director – Van Dinh
Director Of Photography – Isaiah Williams
1st Assistant Camera – Princess Anosike
Key Grip – David Mahone
Best Boy – Ashton Farrar
Gaffer – Zack Kovitz
Digital Image Technician – Chandler Zhu
Production Designer – Isabella Medina
Art Director – Katie Martinez
Sound Mixer – Max Aguila Merceron
Boom Operator – Emily Harrison

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Bun In The Oven
  • She’s Been Feeling Like That Lately

    Episode 1

    Marissa and her new boyfriend De’Andre, is interrupted by her dad who brings her a birthday cake. Fighting through the embarrassment she suddenly feels sick and kicks her dad out of the house out of anger.

  • Are You Deciding For Me?

    Episode 2

    Marissa discovers that she’s pregnant and proceeds to talk with De’Andre. With De’Andre being preoccupied with screaming at an online gamer, Marissa becomes angry at his neglect and storms out of the house to be comforted by her friends.

  • You Know This Is A Gift

    Episode 3

    Marissa walks into her friend Chandrea’s apartment and discovers that there are birthday decorations for her. Chandrea and Audrey attempt to comfort Marissa as they go over the right decision for her and the baby.

  • I’ve Been Battling With My Decisions Lately

    Episode 4

    Marissa is approached by her ex-boyfriend, Evan as he greets her with flowers. She’s
    taken aback by his apology and rushes to the door soon after he pours his heart out. Marissa and Evan's argument is soon interrupted by De’Andre who threatens Evan if he returns. Before Marissa enters the house, ...

  • It Isn’t Up To Anybody But You

    Episode 5

    De’Andre attempts to become more responsible by packing his PlayStation up for sale. Marissa appreciative, suddenly hears the door ring with her father at the door with another cake. De’Andre tells her father, Henry that he’s picking up clientele indicating he wants to support the baby. Henry tal...