In the wake of a personal tragedy, Taher Bowman must come to terms with his new reality: a new home, a new school and the awakening of superhuman abilities that may not only be the key to avenging the deaths of his parents, but to solving the mystery of 30 missing inner city high school students.

Vision for the show:
Taking Catch from a short to a full series begins and ends with my desire to explore the world the story takes place in and the lives of some of the characters that inhabit it. We’ll get to see Taher process his grief and learn to hone his abilities, all while dealing with the everyday life of being a Black teenager in America.

Created/Written/Directed By: Adante Watts
Taher: Zephaniah Terry
Jacob: Darrell Snedeger
Santana: Ernest Emmanuel Peeples
Latisha: Carla Fisher
Marcus: Rico Ball
Mr. Lancaster: Michael Howell
Tanner: Ezra Jeb Sexton

  • CATCH - Episode 1

    High School Sophomore, Taher Bowman, discovers that he has superpowers during a life-or death encounter with a Police Officer.