Codependent Socks

Codependent Socks

7 Episodes

This sitcom is about Steven, a civil rights lawyer with a questionable sense of personal boundaries who works at his law firm with his most recent ex-wife, Joy, while his current wife, Bliss, employs her own ex-husband, Giovanni, to help her out around the house. Inspired by a true situation… But with sock puppets.

Vision for the Show:
“Codependent Socks!” is a show about a family that can’t function, without the wife’s ex-husband and the husband’s ex-wife. With three kids from three marriages, each with a different mom of a different race, we’ll explore civil rights, culture clashes, and awkward blended family dynamics rooted in love, while asking the question “what really is a ‘normal’ family, and does that even exist?” In the spirit of a classic family sitcom (satirized for modern audiences with sock puppets), stories will be self-contained—each full-length episode exploring the intricacies of a family tree with knotted branches.

Cast: Wallace Langham, Zainab Johnson, Reiko Aylesworth, Emma Fassler, Kaitlin Tanimoto, Jacopo Rampini, Lindsey Loon, (Paige Henderson- guest star)

Puppeteers: Michelle Chaho, David Beach, Elza Hofeld, Joe Annabi, Marriann Hough

Created by: Monique Sorgen
Directed & Written by: Monique Sorgen
Executive Producer: Monique Sorgen
Producer: Sean Akers
Sound Design, Sound Editor, & Sound Mix by: Vickie Rose Sampson
Cinematography by: Josh Schnose
Edited by: Bart Montgomery
Production Design by: Monique Sorgen
Puppet Design by: Sara Nitikman Parks
Theme Song “Can’t Live Without Each Other” by: Zach Sorgen & Monique Sorgen

Codependent Socks
  • Married… With Children

    Episode 1

    Bliss wants Steven to fire his ex-wife Joy from his law firm.

  • Grace Under Fire

    Episode 2

    Nicole tells Steven not to fire Joy, but Steven still fires Joy.

  • Baby Daddy

    Episode 3

    Ezra finds out his dad fired his mom, and Joy gets a raise.

  • Three’s Company

    Episode 4

    Tyler spills the beans about Joy not really being fired, so Bliss retaliates.

  • My Two Dads

    Episode 5

    Steven agrees to fire Joy, if Bliss will agree to fire her ex-husband, Giovanni.

  • $#*! My Dad Says

    Episode 6

    With Joy and Giovanni fired, everyone’s life falls apart, and they all come to Nicole for advice.

  • Full House

    Episode 7

    Bliss surprises Steven at the office, and he surprises her right back. Nicole develops an unexpected crush.