Cooking with Joe!!!

Cooking with Joe!!!

8 Episodes

An unhinged chef desperate for fame struggles to maintain his online cooking show amid constant chaos.

Presented by Angry King Productions
Produced by Jeff Galfer & Sky Soleil Directed by Kent Lamm
Written by & Starring Jeff Galfer

Cooking with Joe!!!
  • Omelettes

    Episode 1

    Joe invites his brother-in-law Pete onto the show to shame Pete for Pete's role in Joe's estrangement from his half-sister.

  • Craft Cocktails

    Episode 2

    When Joe welcomes contest winner and super fan Skippy Allendorph to the show, Joe’s insensitive prodding of Skippy's personal life results in a horrifying confession regarding Skippy's upbringing.

  • The Perfect Bologna Sandwich

    Episode 3

    Joe hosts Chef Alice DuBois in a brazen attempt to prove that he is both a feminist and an advocate for minorities.

  • Coagulated Goat's Blood

    Episode 4

    Tran to the show under the guise of cultural awareness - only to sabotage him.

  • Wacky Cake

    Episode 5

    As Joe's ratings and views continue to spiral downward after multiple racially and culturally insensitive episodes, Joe goes against his gut and invites his cooking show nemesis' Peter and Megan Story of "A Storybook Recipe!!" to co-host the program.

  • Beer Can Chicken

    Episode 6

    In a last-ditch effort to save his flailing show, Joe begs his filthy rich older brother Pat to produce the show.

  • Pat's Cook-out Nachos

    Episode 7

    Pat re-brands the "Cooking With Joe!!!" show to "Pat's Cookout" - a raunchier, flashier take on a cooking show - with Joe relegated to sound operator.

  • Chicken Stock

    Episode 8

    With Joe back in the driver's seat of his cooking show, Pat sabotages him with an unwelcome, surprise guest.