Cronache Criminali (IL GOMORRISTA)

Cronache Criminali (IL GOMORRISTA)

Controlling territory in a city like Naples has never been easy: old and new crime families compete daily for street power, and every other day a new thug
can wake up with a loaded gun, ready to take the streets into his own hands.


The crime world in southern Italy has many faces. Here we display them all, from the lowest level hoodlums, to the highest ranking bosses. Some have chosen their path, others are little more than victims of circumstances. Each one of them has his or her own ambition, and in the full show we will develop the story of all the main characters you see in the pilot, and others.


Produced by: PensareFare - 2021
Written and Directed by Salvatore Polizzi
DoP: Marco Griffini
Production designer: Manuela Arduino
Casting director: Pino De Stasio
Counselling: Anna Abbate, Sergio Denza
Sound + Sound Post-Prod: Marco Della Monica
Editing: Salvatore Polizzi
Compositing & Titles: Luca Maselli
Electrician: Simone Morena
Location support: Alfonso De Angelis, Achille Langella
Production assistant: Elio Scognamiglio
Original soundtrack: Igor Knowles

Starring: Jack Caruso, Marianna Liguori, Aurelie Cannelle, Lello Crisai, Salvatore Veneruso, Elliot Swift, Flora Faliti, Salvatore Marino, Salvatore Serpico, Anna Patierno, Patrizio Chianese, Vincenzo La Mura, Stefano Barbato.

Dedicated to the memory of Concetta Marrocoli and Igor Knowles

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Cronache Criminali (IL GOMORRISTA)
  • The Mysterious Rival

    The Reuccio's family used to be an almighty crime family, but killings and incarcerations, in recent years, have been a heavy price to pay, and the family nowadays seems to have lost most of its power and authority. To make things worse, a mysterious rival appears to be messing with the family's ...