36 Episodes

Four intertwined individuals struggle to disconnect from each other in order to grow.

Vision for the show:
The current form of Dis/Connected focuses on the four main characters, their relationships to each other and their central flaws. Expanding the story into a longer format would take the characters out of the computer screens, expand their worlds and give them the chance to interact with others. It would also develop the musical elements from poetic snippets to full-blown songs.

Creator, Cast and Director Credits

Story collaboratively created by: Felicity Tillack, Martin LeRoux, Ryann Berens, Naomi Kojima, Yuka Hashima.
Director, Scriptwriter, Editor: Felicity Tillack
Musical Composer: Martin LeRoux

Martin LeRoux playing Christopher Kingsmith
Yuka Hashima playing An Shirakawa
Naomi Kojima playing Kiriyama Rinko
Ryann Berens playing Jen Castle

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