Dre & Munchie

Dre & Munchie

Two best friends who always find themselves in the strangest situations when dealing weed.

Vision for the Show:
In the web series, "Best Friends' Misadventures," the comedic duo's strange encounters begin to gain popularity online, attracting a loyal fan base. As their viewership grows, they catch the attention of a production company interested in adapting their misadventures into a full-length TV series. With increased resources and a larger platform, the show explores the hilarious and bizarre situations the best friends find themselves in, while further developing their dynamic and introducing new recurring characters.

Dino Tarantino, Cousin Marty,
Xavier (Zay) Lawson, Quiana Ree

Writer/Director: Dino Tarantino,
2nd AD: John Williams
DOP: Chris Farley
Sound: Khadeem Mercer
Music: 1802 Films

Dre: Cousin Marty
Munchie: Dino Tarantino
Lacreasha: Quiana Ree
TJ: Xavier (Zay) Lawson
Mr. Bud: Cadeua Sterling

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Dre & Munchie
  • Woods and Weed

    Dre and Munchie's peaceful smoke session is disrupted by unexpected visitors, leaving them without any weed. Desperate to find more, they team up with a dubious acquaintance and venture into the woods. The episode concludes with a hilarious twist that unfolds amidst their quest for marijuana, set...