Everything Looks Better In The Sunshine

Everything Looks Better In The Sunshine

Patsy the traffic warden has to find the woman that ran over him on her bicycle before the sun sets and he has to wait another year until the sun comes again!

Vision for the show:
In Ireland there is a competition called ‘The Tidy Towns’ which is an effort to get people out to clean up their locality! Also in Ireland, being nice is referred to as being ‘Sound!’ This show will be based on a competition to find ‘Ireland’s Soundest Town’, where towns compete to be the nicest, the irony being, that they employ dirty, nasty tricks to do so!

Jonny Farrelly and Mark Smyth - Creators and Directors

Pat McDonnell - Patsy
Amy Hughes - Wanda
Orla Hannon - Olga
Dr Tom - Tom Neville

Everything Looks Better In The Sunshine
  • Pilot

    Patsy (50) is Ireland’s soundest traffic warden. As the traffic warden’s union try to revamp their image, they send Patsy to the Ballymoan, the most negative town in Ireland. After some initial run-ins, the locals start to warm to Patsy and their outlook becomes a bit brighter.