God Complex

God Complex

A man discovers the secret to unlocking super human abilities through biblical and other ancient writings.

Vision for the Show:
a) Because of the fact that people love the idea of super human abilities such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Heroes, Harry Potter, Marvel, X-Men, you name it, I wanted characters that discover superhuman abilities, but not by being injected (Heroes), not by getting bit by a spider (Spiderman), not by being from another galaxy far far away (Star Wars), not by evolving their DNA (XMen), and not by being from an alternate world such as Hog Warts or Rivendell (Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings).

b) Despite so many viewers watching YouTube video’s, we all still want to sit down, turn on the TV, and binge watch a show that leads us into a direction that gives hope, a new idea, or challenges us in new ways we haven’t thought of, such as the explanation of time and tech (Interstellar), Breaking Bad (getting away with the unthinkable), Peripheral (new tech that could be possible in the near future), West World (AI becoming self aware), and so on an so forth.

c) This series will provide a direct connection for people with the possibility to discover super human potential, through literal text that they can, in reality, look up themselves while watching the show.

Creator / Writer: Stephen Morton (HELM Theory Productions)
Cast: Luke (Stephen Morton), Thea (Aubrey Shimek Davis), Olivia (Annie Altevers), Dr. Ko (Bonni Dichone, Amy (Becky Smith).
Director: Caden Butera (Paradox Studios)

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God Complex
  • “Discovery”

    Luke finds clues from his thought to be dead father which leads to a path towards discovering super human abilities that he too can possess.