Greg & Donny

Greg & Donny

4 Seasons

Small town, big accents. Greg & Donny is the original yinzer comedy by Matt Yeager & Jeff Skowron about 4 knuckleheads in Western PA who argue, scheme, and gossip over video chat.

Vision for the Show:
A full series of Greg & Donny will find our characters continuing to argue constantly as they pursue half-baked schemes and blow everyday nuisances completely out of proportion, while never learning anything. Series will break out of the video call format and expand the world to include their many foes.

Written and Created by
Matt Yeager & Jeff Skowron

Edited by
Matt Yeager

Greg --- Jeff Skowron
Donny --- Matt Yeager
Gina --- Kim Cea
Missy --- Tamera Gindlesperger-Fisher
Mrs. Cratchitt --- Josephine Rose Roberts
Stushie --- Michael McGurk
The Bailey Kids --- Campbell, Bowen, Viola Pearl Fisher, Clover Kern

Voice Actors
Maryll Botula, Brendan Griffin, John Pinto, Jr., Kristy Puchko, Katie Terza, Ron Wisniski

Thom Woodley, Jonathan Lia, Max Penzel, Matt Yeager

Directors of Photography
Johnny North, Jonathan Lia, Max Penzel, Matt Yeager

Theme Song Composed by
Culley Johnson

Produced by
Josephine Rose Roberts

Greg’s Mustache by
Diana Ben-Kiki

Watercolor Artwork by
Anni Matsick

Assistant Camera
Cristina Wolf and Rozano Johnson

Sound Recordist/Mixer (Pilot)
Nikola Chappelle

Additional Photography by
Brad Fisher, Jack DeVille, Josephine Rose Roberts

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Greg & Donny
  • Set Up The Machine

    Episode 1

    Greg's tryin' to set up the machine an' it's drivin' Gina up a wall. Donny comes over with exciting news, an' Missy got bad manners.