Groupie: The Blueprint of Self-Made Millionaire

Groupie: The Blueprint of Self-Made Millionaire

A self-made millionaire finds five women with similarly troubled pasts and coaches them on how to become rich through mental, emotional, and sexual manipulation. Inspired by true events.

Vision for the Show:
"Groupie" is a thrilling TV series that follows six women with complex lifestyles as they navigate the exclusive and sometimes dangerous world of high-profile individuals. Based on true events and people, the show empowers its female protagonists by showcasing their agency, resilience, and ability to uncover dark secrets. With a captivating narrative and a mix of glamour and intrigue, "Groupie" offers an open window into their lavish lives while challenging stereotypes and raising awareness about the realities of certain industries.

Groupie: The Blueprint of Self-Made Millionaire
  • Lucy “The Hollywood Groupie”

    Follows Lucy and her journey as Hollywood’s most notorious
    groupie. Shades of her violent past
    as she fights to stay alive in Hollywood California.