Happy Playland

Happy Playland

10 Episodes

A queer, New Zealand, rom-com musical, set in a children’s indoor playground.

Billie Haare (Neenah Dekkers-Reihana), an anxious actress caught between her passion for stage, and her parents' dreams of the silver screens starts a new job at a desolate indoor playground, managed by wannabe-insta-star Cris (Jen Smith). Billie quickly develops feelings for social justice warrior, Zara (Dani Yourukova), who is sadly, 23 and not looking for anything serious. After a passionate moment in the ball pit, Billie and Zara both begin to question what they want. But the playland is soon to be closed - and Billie's anxiety can only handle so much. Cris decides to intervene. Can Billie woo Zara into forever and always? Will anyone end up happy? Will Cris' trip to Queenstown increase her followers? Only time will tell, in the place where dreams come true, Happy Playland, the Wellington branch.

Directors - Sally Bollinger, Elsie Bollinger

Script writers - Claris Jacobs, Minnie Grace, and Robbie Nicol

Story Supervisor - Sally Bollinger

Producers - Thomas Coppell and Minnie Grace

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Happy Playland
  • Birth

    Episode 1

    Could Billie’s first day at her new job also be her last? Billie tackles life's big questions at her first day of work; who am I? What am I doing here? And is there always a tiny cat in this desolate wasteland? Welcome to Happy Playland, the Wellington branch.

  • Lesbian complains about Tinder

    Episode 2

    Take a stand this election. Speak up for what you believe in: dating apps for lesbians. Vote Zara, 2017. Zara has a lot of opinions, mostly about Tinder, but also about education whatsits and political thingy doodles.

  • Sex
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Billie is looking for love, Zara is looking for lust. Alone together for the first time… maybe they need to stop and think.

  • Three simple tricks to get your friends together

    Episode 4

    Dinosaurs! Elvis! The feel of velvet! And other obvious ice breakers. With things being so awkward between Billie and Zara, Cris must attempt the impossible - and she’ll do it from Queenstown. Dare to watch?

  • Street performers get heckled by random girl

    Episode 5

    Want to know the secret to love? It’s DRAMA! Zara might have agreed to go on a date, but does she know what she wants?

  • Party Planning Fail

    Episode 6

    Cris wants Billie’s life to have a little more drama - but that’s just not real life, is it? Really it’s simple, straightforward, and there’s no confusion anywhere. Right?!

  • Commitment

    Episode 7

    When Billie’s anxiety starts to spiral, Zara’s there to say the right thing. Let’s hope Zara hasn’t let anything slip…

  • Crisis

    Episode 8

    Everyone’s had a bad flatmate - maybe Cris is that flatmate. Billie and Zara get a crash course in parenting when Cris won’t stop acting like a baby in a ballpit.

  • The Literal Actual Worst

    Episode 9

    What are you going to do about it, Billie?

  • Death
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    It’s the end.