I Wanna Be Single With You

I Wanna Be Single With You

To finally move on after the end of a long-term relationship, a woman, scarred but not scared, begins to look for her new life companion and struggles to find one—so she decides to have many.

Vision for the Show:
The dual narrative of the web series I WANNA BE SINGLE WITH YOU, along with the character arc of the protagonist Flo, lends itself well to a full-length TV series, but the show will immerse us directly into Flo’s already established polyamorous lifestyle. The supporting characters—including but not limited to BFF Vani, Flo’s parents, and her ex—will have more significant roles compared the web series. Moreover, Flo’s dating experiences will expand beyond men to include women and gender-diverse individuals.

Creator, Writer, Director, Producer: Rahel Grunder
Executive Producer: Martin Wichmann Andersen
Cinematographer and Executive Producer: Alexa Ihrt
Composers: Judith Martin and Martin Skalsky

Flo: Florine Elena Deplazes
Brad: Shaun Patrick Flynn
Vani: Anu Yadav

I Wanna Be Single With You
  • Knocked Out I

    Following an incident at a speed dating event where Flo’s drink is spiked with knockout drugs, Flo and her best friend Vani make a resolute pact to seek vengeance against the perpetrator.