Inner Worlds

Inner Worlds

2 Seasons

When a group of players embark on a D&D adventure together, they discover more about themselves and the challenges that face them in their own lives.

Vision for the Show:
Inner Worlds has a similar energy to shows like The Guild. Its characters are quirky and fun, but have a great deal of depth, and we hope that if we can expand this story, we can dive even more into the challenges that each character faces, and give hope to our audience by showing how they work through things. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but we can inspire people to keep trying anyway!

Creator, Cast, and Director Credits –

Series Directed by: Jessica N Johnson
Series Writing Credits: Katie Otten

Series Cast :
Paige Nola -- McKenzie Archer
Katie Otten -- Bridget Mckey / Varimus
Timothy Mantil -- Seth Wright / Okrin
Trey Nielsen -- Chad Phillips / Chad
Jessica N Johnson -- Gabby Wolfe / Riyus
Christian J. Velez -- Lukas / Morzerus
Kate Robertson Pryor -- Jennifer
Sara Planck -- Cheryl Phillips / Evil Sorceress
Christina Witulski -- Ivy Phillips
Jesse Millspaugh -- Ron / Jhagrim
Erica Gardner -- Lacey
Mark Popejoy -- Principal
Myeisha Essex -- Lora / Dorlus
Benito Garcia -- Barbarian / Sam Wolfe
Christopher German -- Aaron
Veronica Johnson -- Agnes / Young Gabby
Chris Scott -- NPC Shop Owner
Sydney Hendricksen -- Emma
Katy Kepler -- Madison
Jon Daniel Roberson -- Michael / Student
Megan Mills -- Bathroom Woman 1
Bill Hedges -- Extra - Monster
Michael Burns Jr. -- Caden
Matthew Kischer -- Man 1
Landon Fiscus -- Gabby's Brother
Jenna Briggs -- Bathroom Woman 2
Jean-Paul Zuhur -- Man 2
Ashley Rae Kobza -- Photographer
Nathan Dunham -- Co-Worker
Cindy Melby Phaneuf -- Seth's Mom
Devante Jones -- Teacher
Nick Scamfer -- Teacher
Lori Lynn Ahrends -- Tanya Mckey
Mike Collins -- The Destroyer
Patrick Lambrecht -- Darrell Mckey
Timothy Guthrie -- Seth's Dad

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Inner Worlds
  • At the Table

    Episode 1

    McKenzie, an aspiring writer, brings a group together to start a new role-playing campaign.

  • Session Zero

    Episode 2

    McKenzie meets with Chad and Seth to play out the backstories to their characters.

  • The Rogue

    Episode 3

    Chad imagines himself in the game for the first time.

  • The Ranger

    Episode 4

    Seth begins to discover why he has trouble visualizing the world of the game.

  • The Warlock

    Episode 5

    Bridget has her zero session, and Varimus hears the voice of a god.

  • The Fighter

    Episode 6

    Gabby invites herself into the campaign, and begrudgingly has her session zero.

  • The Game Master

    Episode 7

    McKenzie works to make her gaming sessions perfect.

  • Prepping

    Episode 8

    McKenzie reflects on the things she's been learning while running the game.

  • Candlelight

    Episode 9

    During a storm, the lights go out in Seth and McKenzie's apartment, and Bridget suggests they talk about themselves.

  • Just a Day

    Episode 10

    Just a typical day in each person's life before a game session.

  • Separately

    Episode 11

    Bridget encourages Chad to open up about what's bothering him.

  • Miscommunications

    Episode 12

    Bridget joins Gabby while she works at the tree nursery.

  • Best Intentions

    Episode 13

    Everyone prepares for the celebration.