ITW: Is This Wrestling?

ITW: Is This Wrestling?

7 Episodes

In this fly-on-the-wall mockumentary, A ragtag independent wrestling promotion stages
A make-or-break event to shoot for the stars, if they don't' shoot themselves in the foot first.

Vision for the Show:
Originally developed as a feature film but this version is broken up into an episodic format. Further development efforts would be to expand the series and follow these characters or to create a new feature with much higher production value.

Creator, Cast and Director Credits:

Written and Directed by Rama Vallury and Sean George
Produced by Sean George and Rama Vallury
Animations and Illustrations by Michael Chau

CAST (in order of appearance)

Silvie Zamora, Phil Ward, Stacy Rumaker, Brian Sturges, Rama Vallury, Sean George, Erik Barnes, Emily Churchill, John Ryan Benavides, Eric Zipper, Jesse Arlen Klien, Reeb Brice, Schuyler Mastain, Dwight Carter, Adrien Epps, Ben Gonzales, Michael Chau, Kaitlyn Tanimoto, Schuyler Jeffress, Samira Beija, Ryan Miller, Rachni Khatau, Aubrey Askey, Rashida Olayiwola, Khiry Johnson, Prashant Vallury, John Copeland, Maria Ciampa, Brendan McCay, Eva Bilick, Jill Cary, Danny Kassi, Chris Trovador, Jorge Berrrios, Paul Heredia, Max Butler, John O’Dowd, Chad Damiahi, Tim Vargulish, Elyssa Phillips, Ben Tibbles.

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ITW: Is This Wrestling?
  • The Advertisement

    Episode 1

    Rama and the ITW team struggle to keep their promotion going.
    They decide to take the next big step and host their first Pay-Per-View event.

  • Tryouts

    Episode 2

    ITW auditions new wrestling talent for their upcoming Grapplefest Event.

  • The House Show

    Episode 3

    The wrestlers work their first house show together. Rama and Buddy
    Positive discuss future plans for each other and ITW

  • The Date Afternoon Brawl

    Episode 4

    Sean and Emily’s date is interrupted and big ticket sales are
    the result.

  • The Punch

    Episode 5

    Rama and The Number Cruncher fight over Sean

  • Grapplefest Part 1

    Episode 6

    The wrestlers are ready, the crowd gathers, ITW’s Grapplefest is
    about to begin

  • Grapplefest Part 2

    Episode 7

    The long awaited end