Jimmy LA

Jimmy LA

It’s Jimmy LA vs. the world as this half-superhero/half-doctor/half-mama’s boy chases his dream of making movies about 40 foot above ground pools in front yards.

Vision for the Show:
If Rick and Morty and Grey’s Anatomy had a baby, it would be Jimmy LA: the animated series about a starving artist with superpowers, a medical degree, and a destiny to make movies about 40 foot above ground pools. As a full-length TV series, Jimmy LA episodes will be 10 minutes, stand alone, and follow the adventures of the wannabe actor as he fights bad guys, solves medical mysteries, and sleeps with anything that walks.

- Created by Spencer Evans, Josh Berkowitz, and Josh Bayer
- Directed by Spencer Evans
- Actors:
o Jimmy LA – Josh Berkowitz
o Sarah – Sofie Rosenberg
o Tim – Rick Knight
o Reporter – Lauren Michelle Long
o Francine – Diana Wziontka
o Esther – Lauren Michelle Long
o Cuba – Lauren Michelle Long
o Drew – John Cristian Maheu
o 40 Foot Above Ground Pool #1 – Spencer Evans
o 40 Foot Above Ground Pool #2 – Rick Knight
o 40 Foot Above Ground Pool #3 – John Cristian Maheu
o Austin – Rick Knight
o Doctor – John Cristian Maheu
o Joanna – Sofie Rosenberg
o Bobby Bonerman – John Cristian Maheu
o Dean – Rick Knight
o Ann – Lauren Michelle Long
o Reiki Healer – Diane Wziontka
o Sprinklers – Alec Mansour
o Medieval Jimmy LA – Alec Mansour
o Seamus – John Cristian Maheu
o Alien – Austin Wentworth

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Jimmy LA


  • Jimmy LA - Episode 2

    After Dr. James Los Angeles is splattered by alien toxic waste, he transforms into superhero, Jimmy LA!