Lost Jen

Lost Jen

12 Episodes

"Lost Jen" follows a millennial struggling to make ends meet, with the help of her retired boomer father's outdated advice, as they face eviction and the search for employment in a tanking economy.

Vision for the Show:
I see Lost Jen as a half hour situational dark comedy, where we follow the main character Jen doing average everyday things that people can relate to if they live in a down economy and have older parents they need to take care of. I see the show becoming the heartbeat of millennials.

Creator, Cast and Director credits:

Jade Stone: Writer, Producer, Director

Krystal Pivato: Jen Richards
Elton Romeo Tannis: Lenny Richards
Adam Lemieux: Ron
Paula Da Nova: Career Coach Lindsey
Lisa Pezik: Interviewer Cathy
Guest Star: Jermaine L. Murray (The Jobfather)

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Lost Jen
  • When The Eviction Notice Came

    Episode 1

    In episode one, we meet Jen and Lenny, daughter and father duo being evicted in 30 days.

  • Hiring A Career Coach

    Episode 2

    This episode follows Jen as she deals with job hunting and a career coach.

  • Living With A Partner To Save Money On Rent

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Jen is hunting for a room to rent and texts her friend Laura that the solution to her problem is to live with a boyfriend; problem is, she doesn't have one... yet!

  • Meeting Your Online Friend In Person

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Jen meets her online friend Ron, for the first time, at Pepper on the Side, a local Brampton Caribbean restaurant

  • Retired And Ending Up Homeless

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Lenny is back from pounding the pavement his own way trying to get a job.

  • Is Being 35 And Jobless Failing At Life?

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Jen tries to brainstorm ideas for freelancing in order to make some quick dollars and while talking to her friend Laura, she realizes she may be a failure at life.

  • Do Vision Boards Work?

    Episode 7

    Jen rediscovers manifestation and realizes she has no one to talk to about her illness.

  • How To Save Money On Buying Food

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Jen decides to not buy groceries anymore but to dumpster dive; she then feeds her dad Lenny the trash food, which he's not excited about.

  • Using AI Like ChatGPT To Get A Job

    Episode 9

    In this episode, Jen uses AI to prepare a resume and marketing portfolio, successfully.

  • Having Zoom Job Interviews

    Episode 10

    In this episode, Jen finally gets a job, after a bunch of unsuccessful interviews.

  • Will I Find A Man And Have A Baby Before I’m 40?

    Episode 11

    In this episode, Jen celebrates with her dad Lenny at Pepper on the Side restaurant for her new job and wonders if she'll ever find someone and have a family.

  • Thoughts About UBI (Universal Basic Income)

    Episode 12

    It's moving day; Jen and Lenny pack up and talk about universal basic income and how it would benefit people.