Mimosas with #Millie

Mimosas with #Millie

4 Episodes

With the “Great Recession” winding down and her allowance in jeopardy, a millennial must face the reality of making her own way in the world.

Writer, Directed & Produced by Dean Cates
Produced by Sean Fowler & Gianna Butler
Director of Photography Devin Doyle
Staring Kristi Lauren, Julie Zhan, & Laura Patalano

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Mimosas with #Millie
  • Episode 1 - Meet #Millie

    Episode 1

    Millie and Becky are poolside manifesting a job while Manuela skims.

  • Episode 2 - New Media

    Episode 2

    Millie and Becky run through their rolodex looking for a password in order to watch that new Netflix show “Friends”.

  • Episode 3 - Brunch

    Episode 3

    Millie and Becky argue the rights of food babies.

  • Episode 4 - #Fomo

    Episode 4

    Millie and Manuela help Becky craft a FOMO inducing profile pic for Tinder.