Mint Ville

Mint Ville

Mint Ville is a 6 episode drama-thriller about a fictional town in the south of England that gets disrupted by a vicious drug dealer, the residents attempt to take her down while battling their own issues.

Vision for the Show:
I vision this show as a 6 episode drama series, leaving the option open to add further seasons down the line. My main goal with this show is to present the viewer with relatable, complex characters battling relevant problems like mental health, alcohol or drug abuse and the importance of a stable family. With a bigger budget, better equipment, and professional
actors, we can achieve a higher production value and create an entertaining and thought-provoking piece for a mature audience.

Creator, Cast, And Director Credits:

Created and directed by: Harvey Slade

Ben: Harvey Slade
Blake: Leroy Young
Rue: Tracy Osbourne
Cole: Richard Osbourne
Sadie: Jenna Stevens
Barker: Jacob Jones
Griselda: Tyler Curry
Dylan/ Security Guard: James Llewellyn
Hobbs: Stuart Seldon
Fred/ Teacher: David Duthie
John/ Landlord: Alan Sanford
Rhys/ Office Worker 1: Lawton Blomfield
Josh/ Office Worker 2: Joel Wilkinson
Barbra/ Office Worker 3: Nathalie Canvin
Dave/ Office Worker 4: Luke Blight
Mark/ Office Worker 5: George Millman
Office Worker 6: Richard Macey-Cross
Office Worker 7: Ren Green
Office Worker 8: Lilli Riley
Office Worker 9: Zayla Bolin
School Girl: Rachel Peters
Office Worker 9 Voice Over: Millie Blight
TV Policeman: Ray Huish
TV Thug: Jonathan Oakman
Thug 1: Lawton Blomfield
Thug 2: Ren Green
Thug 3: Luke Blight

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Mint Ville
  • Business Is Booming - Pilot

    With drug crime in their small town at an all time high, moody student Ben and his eccentric extended family cope with radically changing circumstances and an influx of issues stemming from the mysterious lady Griselda.