Mug Life

Mug Life

8 Episodes

Set in a suburban London home, Mug Life tells the beautiful story of how an old dirty glass and a young rowdy mug become the unlikeliest of friends.
Intended as a Toy Story meets The Mighty Boosh hybrid, this surrealistic series hopes to answer that age-old question: can a show about talking crockery really engage a worldwide audience? That, dear viewer, is for YOU to decide.

Vision for the Show:
A Mug Life series would feature the continuing adventures of Gerard, Craig, Kate and Dom. It would include: more relatable archetypes, played out through the household objects that
we encounter; further ‘gritty yet cute’ storylines, that bound the show in realism, whilst keeping things light enough for it to remain a comedy; and of course, more human-based season-
arcs (like we saw from Episode #3 onwards with the bric-a-brac box) that provide an engaging hook at the end of each mug-based episode. Possible future arcs could include a human artyor picnic being organised (that our heroes will eventually be dragged into), or even a new baby on the way, that will undoubtedly cause nothing but carnage–the possibilities are nearly) endless.

Creator: Jordan Trinder

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Mug Life
  • Morning Coffee

    Episode 1

    Craig and Gerard are at each other’s throats... time for Officer Bash to step in!

  • Frank N. Stein

    Episode 2

    A freak accident leaves the entire house in mourning.

  • A Night Out

    Episode 3

    Following his recent trauma, Craig needs cheering up. Gerard has the perfect

  • Craig’s Dilemma

    Episode 4

    Magic, music, and mugs... that can only mean one thing–it’s the Valentine’s
    Day Special!

  • The Execution

    Episode 5

    An old enemy is being put to death and the Mug Life gang are all invited.

  • Poured Away

    Episode 6

    Things are looking bleak, but they’re about to get a whole lot worse.

  • Another World

    Episode 7

    In the penultimate episode, we find Craig and Gerard heading into the unknown.

  • One Last Sip

    Episode 8