Open Michael

Open Michael

An anxious comedian and his workaholic sister attempt to transform their deceased father’s bar into a comedy club.

Vision for the Show:
Nathan and Shannon are a pair of nervous wrecks, but they are wrecks in their own unique ways. Shannon builds up the self-doubting Nathan to give him the courage to push through his awkward, weirdly sexual comedy routines, and Nathan reminds Shannon to take it easy as she zips around the bar like a hummingbird, teetering on the edge of a breakdown. Neither party is necessarily confident that the other will make it, but they take it day-by-day.

Created/Directed/Written by:
Zach Sharma

Produced by:
Lauren Dib

William Yonts
Melanie Mason
Tanya Raisa
Robert Ramirez
Ben Walsh

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Open Michael