Product Review Show

Product Review Show

24 Episodes

A rambling hypochondriac hosts a product review show alongside his secret lover/mute neighbor Pete.

Product Review Show
  • Wrapping Christmas Presents Holiday Special

    Episode 1

    Jeff and Pete host actor/celebrity Adam Bartley to practice ASMR Christmas present wrapping.

  • Bell Qualifier Motorcycle Helmet Review

    Episode 2

    Jeff discusses concerns surrounding the pandemic before reviewing a motorcycle helmet with Pete over the Covid Cam.

  • Bontrager Bike Helmet Review

    Episode 3

    Jeff reveals he has been signed by Tokyo agent George before philosophizing on death and reviewing a bike helmet.

  • Generic Goat Mug Review

    Episode 4

    Local rapper Ramiz makes a guest appearance to help Pete and Jeff review a generic goat mug.

  • Q-Tips Review

    Episode 5

    Candy Expert Tony makes a guest appearance to review Q-tips.

  • Pete's Copper Balls Review

    Episode 6

    Jeff celebrates his officially awarded Amazon Affiliates link and apologizes to Jeff Bezos before reviewing Pete’s copper balls alongside Jeff’s lawyer, James.

  • Ace Axe Review

    Episode 7

    Jeff reveals how Pete managed to achieve Covid antibodies before reviewing an axe.

  • Nabob Coin Purse Review

    Episode 8

    Jeff compares his product review show to the creation of Earth before reviewing a coin purse.

  • Gaviscon Advance Acid Medication Review

    Episode 9

    Jeff discusses his desire to transition to a woman before reviewing acid reflux medication.

  • Ooni Infrared Thermometer Review

    Episode 10

    Jeff and Pete celebrate their 100th Jeff Show before reviewing an infrared thermometer.

  • TheraBreath Mouth Wash Review

    Episode 11

    Jeff airs out his grievances regarding Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Affiliates program before reviewing mouth wash.

  • Generic Diving Goggles Review

    Episode 12

    Jeff reads his fans a letter he wrote himself celebrating his channel’s 500th subscriber before reviewing a pair of generic diving goggles.

  • Brooklyn Basher Cold Steel Bat Review

    Episode 13

    Jeff addresses the comments section and the fans’ hate for Peter before reviewing a self- defense bat.

  • Generic Cable Zip Ties Review

    Episode 14

    Jeff discusses his dire financial situation before reviewing generic zip ties.

  • Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Review

    Episode 15

    Jeff angrily awards an Australian fan with an Angry King Productions’ hat before reviewing toilet paper.

  • Airpods Pro Review

    Episode 16

    Jeff hosts an emergency review show to cover the brand-new Apple Airpods Pro with guest hosts Candy Expert Tony and Jeff’s dog, Scout.

  • Humor Me Review

    Episode 17

    Jeff explores his rage for not achieving 500 subscribers before reviewing the new Kickstarter game Humor Me.

  • Oatly Oat Milk Review

    Episode 18

    Jeff confronts the trolls on his channel before reviewing oat milk.

  • Generic Flint Fire Starter Review

    Episode 19

    Jeff’s lawyer, James, makes a guest appearance to discuss an ongoing lawsuit with Pete before reviewing a generic fire starter.

  • Odor Eaters Foot Deodorizer Spray Review

    Episode 20

    Candy Expert Tony, Jeff’s lawyer James, Pete, and Jeff all review foot deodorizer spray together.

  • Smooth Viking Beard Brush Review

    Episode 21

    Jeff’s Mom makes a guest appearance to help Jeff berate Pete before reviewing a beard brush.

  • Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner Review

    Episode 22

    Jeff counts out how many vaccines he has received for Covid before discussing Pete’s invasion of the capital and reviewing eyeglass cleaner with special guest host Toni.

  • Fitish CBD Facial Mist Review

    Episode 23

    Model Anna joins Pete and Jeff to discuss modelling before reviewing CBD facial mist.

  • Tootsie Rolls Review

    Episode 24

    Jeff slams Pete’s Halloween costume before they review tootsie rolls with guest host Candy Expert Tony.