Queer BnB

Queer BnB

When their daughter leaves for college, moms Trish and Jo must come to terms with what that means for them—and their newly empty nest. After some soul searching, they decide to transform their home into an LGBTQ+ inclusive bed and breakfast, opening their door to all the shenanigans that come with queer hospitality.

Vision for the show:
After sorting out their initial marketing kinks, Trish and Jo’s queerbnb begin to take off. From influencer hospitality critics to a distraught queer firemen couple grappling with questions of parenthood, our leads find themselves with a plethora of queer guests in wacky situations. While Jo takes on new hobbies to distract herself, Trish buckles in as the queerbnb’s creator, causing the two to drift apart until they go back to the reasons that they started their adventure in the first place…

Trish - Tiffany Underwood
Jo - Dee Selmore
Emily - Rachel Weaver
Chris - DeShaun Green
Porcha - Chibuzo
Warren - Steve Aaron
Penelope - Beth Blair
Bernice - Marie A. Brooks
Trenton - Chazriq Clarke
Julius - K. Sidney
Airport Announcer - Brooke McFry
Documentary Narrator - Karen Ryan
Sassy Phone A.I. - Stephen Peck
Airport Extras - Megan Wise, Alex Argilés, Valerie Betts

Writers & Directors - Alex Engel & Alex McFry
Producer - Alex McFry
Associate Producers - Olivia Isabel Comas Wood & Alex Argilés
Production Designer - Megan Wise
Director of Photography - Audrienne Shifflette
Composer - Alanna Skye Quiton
Editors - Millicent Jenkins & Alex McFry
Camera Assistant / Gaffer - Olivier Metzler Aerts
Sound Mixer - Olivia Isabel Comas Wood
BTS Photography - Valerie Betts
Craft Services - Millicent Jenkins
VFX - Joshua Little
Colorists - Braxton Marie Thompson & Ruoyu Zhang

A Very Queer Thanks:
Melissa Angle
Vicky Miles
Philip Hiss
Brooke McFry
Stefany Espinoza
Linda Goode Colvard
Taylor Ross
Lizzie Perrin
Steve Aaron

Queer BnB
  • Queer BnB Pilot

    After dropping off their daughter Emily at the airport for college, moms Trish and Jo return home to their empty nest. In her newfound grief, Trish stumbles on an idea to make Emily’s bedroom into an LGBTQ+ exclusive bed-n-breakfast.