Rap Skool

Rap Skool

Two friends join a school of rap for the middle class as they chase dreams of success and street credit while trying to remain true to themselves.

Rob and Davis take the first step in following their rap dreams and find out it’s a lot harder than they thought.

Created & Written by
Nnamdi Ngwe & Amechi Ngwe

Directed by
Aaron Fronk

Rap Skool Cast.
Nnamdi Ngwe - Rob
Stanley Sievers - Davis aka Death Ghost/Angel
Patrick Rowland - MC Old Skool
Jo Feldman - Amy

Marcos Barnes - Dan
Jared McBain - Jake
Claudia Martinez - Maxi
Hannah Parsons - Amanda
Mike Geraghty - Mike G
Martin Morrow - Johnathan

Part 2
Lisa Beasley - Angela
Joel Boyd - Dre The Incredible
Terrence Carey - T baby

Part 3

Brittany Marie Baker - Brexit
Nico Carter - Cat Luva
Angela Oliver - Angie O
Zheryk Badugu - ZZ bottom
Aaron Fronk - Dilbert
Robel Arega - Barnes and Robel

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Rap Skool