SELF HELP follows Nikau as he struggles to find healing, growth and self acceptance in the wake of a devastating breakup. We journey with Nikau as he begrudgingly enters the ever-expanding world of spiritual, physical and psychological self-improvement.

Each mini-episode explores a new practise or program in Nikau’s journey of personal fulfilment. There is humour and pathos, warmth and humanity, surrealism and ennui, all captured through an observational lens.
Stories will reveal relatable human truths and resonate with a young audience who see something of themselves in the hilarious but honest portrayals on screen.

  • Invertention

    Nikau’s Mum, Dad, bestie and fellow flatmates show their support. They see he’s suffering and make it their mission to get him back on his feet.
    Nikau’s Dad Miles suggests they start by ‘smudging’ his bedroom.

  • Float

    Lily (aka: Lil), Nikau’s most progressive friend and flatmate, shouts him a Float Tank session. She’s no rookie - she has a concession, but she’s never floated on magic mushrooms. Until now. Lil and Nikau have a very different experience.

  • Ripped

    Caleb, Nikau’s most intense friend and flatmate, is a diehard Crossfitter. He believes physical strength = mental strength and insists Nikau uses his guest pass. Turns out Nikau is tough AF... and this crossfit gym is as culty as he suspected.

  • Harry Pottery

    Nikau’s Mum Jo (aka: Jojo) takes him to a therapeutic pottery class. They’re both first timers and it shows. Everything they mould looks phallic. The product is disastrous, but the journey is a joy. He’d forgotten how good it feels to laugh.

  • Kirsty/Kristy

    Nikau hardly knows Kristy. In fact, he still thinks her name is Kirsty. But when she shows invested interest in his mental health, he’s touched. A little creeped out, but mainly touched. Turns out, sobbing on Kirsty’s shoulder in the middle of their embroidery job was exactly what he needed.

  • Present

    Rocky and Nikau have been besties since way back. There’s not much they haven’t done together. Except... meditation. Despite often taking the mickey out of kombucha drinking, cacao consuming, Lululemon wearing hippy’s, they decide it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. It’s a traumatic 60 m...

  • Hey Jude

    Since the divorce, Nikau’s dad Miles has relied on his clairvoyant for direction and spiritual guidance. He’s finally convinced Nikau to join him for a day of aura readings, crystal therapy and energy healing massage. It’s all a bit woo woo for Nikau, but he’s determined to keep an open mind

  • Picnic

    February 14th. En route to a picnic in the park with his squad, Nikau bumps into his ex. His heart hurts, but not like it used to. He’s still single, except he’s never felt more loved. By his friends, by his whānau, and most importantly - by himself. He’ll never stop self-helping