3 Seasons

Follow Kimmi as he attempts to manoeuvre through the chaotic world of Shambleton.

Vision for Show:
This show delves into the fleeting nature of success, the perils of romance in the age of awkwardness, and the relentless interference of external forces that seemingly conspire against our protagonists at every turn. But fear not, for amidst the chaos, triumphs will be scattered like confetti, reminding us that there is hope. In essence, Shambleton serves as a
metaphorical exploration of the modern- day pursuit of success, ingeniously packaged in a whirlwind of wit, absurdity, and boundless laughter.

Creators: Rodrigo Badoino & Michael Grocholsky

Cast: Michael Grocholsky, Rory O’Keeffe, Mercy Cornwall, Patch Harrison, Charlotte Connick, Samm Cluff, Ife Yasmina, Jordan Sanfrancesco, Kate Connick, Brenton Parkes, Jeremy Raftos, Sarah Greenwood, Paul Berenger, George Baines, Jonathan Vassallo, Andre Georges, Jesse Rowles, Joshua Smith.

Director: Rodrigo Badoino

  • Jason Bangs

    Episode 1

    Kimmi is introduced to Tammy, his new housemate going through an extreme personality change thanks to an online figure.

  • The Grifter

    Episode 2

    Kimmi must deal with a new housemate Christos who dominates the space from the moment he steps in.

  • I’m Just a Love Machine

    Episode 3

    Kimmi & Tammy purchase the latest AI home system. They both fall in love with the machine in different ways and collide at the end.

  • Hoop Deals

    Episode 4

    Kimmi retells the story of when he was a lawyer and how he lost it all one fateful evening.

  • The Mentor

    Episode 5

    Kimmi is sent on a mission to write the best jingle in the world by his Mentor ‘Sensei’ what he delivers is a crash course on crashing.

  • Urban Cowboy

    Episode 6

    In this adventure we meet Finnegan, a cowboy from the outskirts of Shamlefarms. He’s come to the city looking for love and convinces Kimmi to go on his adventure.

  • Chaos News

    Episode 7

    The Shambleton Warewolve has been spotted and a hefty reward is up for grabs. Kimmi and Finnegan go on the hunt for him.

  • Record Breaker

    Episode 8

    Tammy returns home and attempts to break a world record. Kimmi is trying a new more confident look.

  • Angels with Dirty Investments

    Episode 9

    Kimmi finds an investor for his great new product. The deal takes a turn for the worst.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Episode 10

    Kimmi is trapped inside a nightmare. Someone is coming and he can sense it. Anxiety episode.