Social Murderer

Social Murderer

8 Episodes

The power and influence of social media presence, societal pressures and youth culture, have a detrimental effect on the lives of 8 people.

Vision for the Show:
With the series being a sort of ‘Present Day Black Mirror’, it has potential to follow a similar Anthology format of expanded 25 min x 8-10 episodes (think Love, Death & Robots, EASY,
Room 104 formats) all focused on a different aspect of Social Media today. All original episodes and characters have great potential to be expanded upon with more episodes/theme ideas that could be added. Another possibility is centering the show on a group of people that interconnect with each other throughout and whose journey’s we watch across the series instead (more of a 50min x 6-8 ep format) - this is something we did through Grace & Madden’s story which runs across the Ep 1, 6 & 8 and that we received positive feedback on as something audiences liked.

Creator - Sangeetha Gowda & Marshall-Weishuai Yuan (NOAH Films)
Director - Sangeetha Gowda & Marshall-Weishuai Yuan

MADDEN (lead) - Marshall-Weishuai Yuan
GRACE (lead) - Sangeetha Gowda
CANDICE (supporting) - Hannah Kim
LEVI (supporting) - Amit Pala
RUBY(supporting) - Yvan Karezi
LUCEE (supporting) - Ashleigh Davidson (Kennedy)
ABBY (supporting) - Bianca Jade Scott
GRANDMA (supporting) - Carol A. P. Grace

Social Murderer
  • ILY
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Famous Youtuber Madden and his non-famous girlfriend Grace go out for Valentine's Day, but end up dating their phones instead of each other.

  • Swipe Left

    Episode 2

    Candice is peer-pressured to join the dating app 'Ignite', but she meets her
    matches far sooner than expected

  • Follower

    Episode 3

    Two strangers, Ruby and Levi try to live up to the standards and pressures they face from a society obsessed with social media.

  • Under the Influence

    Episode 4

    Lucee, a famous IG Influencer lives the "perfect life". But social media and reality tell a different story.

  • Peek a Boo

    Episode 5

    Wannabe Influencer Abby makes sure to post every little thing she does, until
    she gets sent a cryptic text.

  • Reposted

    Episode 6

    Tessa convinces Grace to get over Madden by attending a college party. All goes to plan until they run into an unexpected guest.

  • #FAM
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Grandma invites her family over for Christmas dinner but is confronted with their devotion to their phones.

  • Social Murderer

    Episode 8

    Madden goes on a path of self-destruction after being cancelled on
    social media and breaking up with Grace.