6 Episodes

An unknown infection takes over a small Northwest town, SLOUGH TOWN, while a group of citizens attempt to escape to sanctuary.

Vision for the show:
A character driven show with two groups of people racing for one sanctuary. Bad vs. Evil as the infected are the obstacle for both groups. The show would last 2 to 3 seasons as the
audience finds out why this apocalypse is happening.

Written, produced and directed: Jonathan Holbrook

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  • Sounds in the Sky

    Episode 1

    Slough Town becomes infected after there is an unusual electromagnetic storm.

  • Home Invasion

    Episode 2

    It’s the morning after the sounds in the sky and the neighbors are different.

  • Neighborhoods

    Episode 3

    Nina and her teacher, Mr. Hayes, run from the infected.

  • Guns at Work

    Episode 4

    Stuck alone to protect himself, Nick finds out guns are not enough to fight off the infected.

  • What’s Wrong with Dr. Evans?

    Episode 5

    Not only is his practice overrun by the infected, Dr. Evans has a dark secret.

  • Levi’s Wrath

    Episode 6

    Levi returns to work after being terminated and goes on a killing spree.