Tech Bettys

Tech Bettys

3 Episodes

When Cass, a savvy QA Engineer, and Bailey, a perpetually broke Office Manager, land jobs at the swanky Manhattan tech start-up 'VD -', they quickly discover they've entered a battlefield of socially awkward bros and overtly sexist nerds. Armed with wit and determination, they'll need more than just coding skills to survive this high-tech frat house

Created By: Mary McGloin and Amanda Van Nostrand
Produced By: Goodly Rotten Apple Productions, LLC in association with Painted Saint
Executive Producers: Mary McGloin, Barbara McGloin, Kathleen Davison
Directed By: Kathleen Davison
Mary McGloin as Cass
Annie Hartkemeyer as Bailey
Stephen James Anthony as Oliver
Tom Ashton as Moose
Ben Fine as Carl
Carson Lee as Canada

Tech Bettys
  • Episode 1 - The Interviews

    Episode 1

    Workaholic, Feminist Senior QA Engineer Cass picks up her life in San Francisco to join stealth mode internet startup

  • Episode 2 - Greetings & Salutations

    Episode 2

    Cass quickly learns she’ll need to team up with Bailey, the only other woman in the office to survive the social ineptitudes of her male coworkers.

  • Episode 3 - That's Never a Good Sign

    Episode 3

    The team is scared when they learn they have a mandatory 9am meeting looming ahead.