The Brief

The Brief

4 Episodes

The Brief is a tongue-in-cheek scripted comedy show skewering the clichés and oddities of a life working in modern advertising.

Vision for the Show:
The goal is to repackage the existing eps and sell as a 1/2 hour pilot to international buyers.

Story-wise, no longer interns, Austin and Scoot are faced with the reality that their award-winning commercial concept didn’t materialize in its execution, meanwhile, Mack and Boss recruit new interns to continue their attempts at bringing the coveted Gen Z perspective into the fray.

The plan is to use real brands in every episode bringing to life the process of how beloved ads are created in hilarious and outrageous ways.


Jesse Rath, Michael Seater, David Reale, John Boylan, Jenny Raven, Teagan Vince, Rodrigio Fernandez-Stoll, Russell Bennet

Matt Sadowski, Dustin Brown

Matt Sadowski

Russel Bennet
Brent Wardrop

Joshua Allen

The Brief
  • Bingo Bongo

    Episode 1

    Copywriter Austin (new intern) and Art Director Scoot (seasoned intern) get off to a rocky start before they are given their first creative brief.

  • Meet 'The Chef'

    Episode 2

    With his job on the line, Austin is initiated into the Elemental family with a bizarre challenge – that he can’t finish alone.

  • The Client Fridge

    Episode 3

    Scoot and Austin present their concepts to the account team and receive an incredibly positive response. Maybe a bit too positive…

  • Blue Light

    Episode 4

    Scoot and Austin make a breakthrough in their relationship moments before the client comes in to hear their pitch.