The Drive Thru Therapist

The Drive Thru Therapist

6 Episodes

Bright-eyed and full of excitement after leaving her traditional office therapy practice, Sylvia opens up a tiny drive-thru therapy window on the edge of town. As she begins to welcome old patients and new visitors, she battles her need to be strong for the sake of others and longing for deep connections while struggling with the reality that some people are extremely hard to crack and just not interested in getting help. This glimpse into the series brings viewers face to face with Sylvia as she deals with a chaotic new visitor, a friend, and a potential love interest.

Writer/Director: Mariah Marasco; Producer: India McKinney; DP: Megan Masur; 1st Assistant Director: Carsen Silverblatt; Field Sound: Philip Kim; Editor: Mariah Marasco; Colorist: Emily Bailey; Composer: Sean Henwood; Re-recording Mixer: Sean Henwood; Casting Associate Producer: Kelsey Leuenberger; Production Assistant: Kory Pacheco;

Starring: Ali Bill (All), Hunter Kohl (Ep 1), Marc Lubbers (Ep 2), Delia Kemph (Ep 3), Sharahya Carter (Ep 4), Eric R. Williams (Ep 5), Meg MacCary (Ep 6);
Voiceover Artists: Laura Rondinella, Celestina Harris, Clay Christopher

The Drive Thru Therapist
  • Gerald

    Episode 1

    Gerald visits Sylvia's window after a months-long hiatus.

  • Andreas

    Episode 2

    A perky Andreas lies to Sylvia while visiting her window for the first time.

  • Emily

    Episode 3

    Emily, in a rush, finds herself at "Sylvia's" accidentally. Can Sylvia convince
    her to stay for the therapy?

  • Carla

    Episode 4

    Carla and Sylvia do a breathing exercise together.

  • Matthew

    Episode 5

    Matthew visits his friend Sylvia's drive-thru therapy window during his work
    break when an unexpected interruption occurs.

  • Stephani

    Episode 6

    When Stephani’s weakness is put to the test on the spot, will she be able to
    implement the strategy Sylvia just taught her?