The Ethics of Ambiguity

The Ethics of Ambiguity

When two best friends and struggling comedians are about to give up their dream of making it big, they win the lottery. But telling the wrong people gets them thrown into a world of trouble.

Vision for the show:
The pilot sets the tone for what the series would ideally become, a “Workaholics” meets season one of “Barry”. A combination of Millennial pessimism mixed with a dash of crime. The crushing reality of adulthood continues to hit our protagonists as they are never able to leave home, instead being forced into a game of cat and mouse with mobsters after their lottery winnings and secrets in their friendship coming to the foreground.

Creator – Drew McInturff
Written by – Drew McInturff
Directed by – Juliana Lee White
Produced by – Drew McInturff and Juliana Lee White
Drew – Drew McInturff
Grant – Grant Johnson
Nate – John Michael Roig
Todd – David Siracusa
Dante – Mateo Parodi
Veronica – Elena Brace
Marcus – James Ross
James – Griffin Wilkins
Karli – Katie Mae Horne
Principal Yardly – Melanie Weeks Stokes

The Ethics of Ambiguity
  • Pilot

    Two best friends and struggling comedians are about to give up on their dreams of making it big when they win the lottery.