The Fae

The Fae

The series follows Mark, a gay millennial who possesses all the trappings coveted by mainstream gay culture – the cute fiancé, the supportive parents, the condo in Hell’s Kitchen, the cushy marketing job – but when he intervenes in an otherworldly street fight, he learns about the magically queer beings called faeries – and that he might be one of them!

Vision for the Show:
The Fae is a half-hour, queer, high-fantasy series that follows Mark, a straight-laced gay man, chasing his magic into a hidden world of fantastical queer faeries protecting their kind from the Cubi, sinister creatures hellbent on draining faerie magic.

The narrative then opens to an intersectional, multi-protagonist storyworld examining queerness as a call to adventure into the wildest of wonderlands - full of magic, gods, monsters and the power of community to unleash self-transformation. The Fae is the love-child of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and David LaChappelle: wondrous, erotic, campy, visually eye-popping and inclusively queer as fuck.

Creators: Joshua Fesi, Shelton Lindsay, and Justin Anderson Taylor
Director: Nessa Norich

• Shelton Lindsay as Mark Macintosh & Dark Mark
• Kyra Sims as Mama Magic
• Bizzy Barefoot as Puck
• Shelton Lindsay as Mark Macintosh
• Nessa Norich as Donna Macintosh
• Michael Improta as Jerry Macintosh & Ad Exec
• Seth Timothy Larson as Aaron
• Eduardo Francisco as Derek
• Hunter Canning as Jake
• Katy McClellan as Caroline
• Poison Eve as Incubus
• Bizzy Barefoot as Puck
• Diego Andres Barnes as Nancy 1
• Coleman Drew as Nancy 2
• Karen Light as Nancy 3
• L Morgan Lee as Messy
• Also Starring: Victor Alarcon, Tyler Armey, Sha James Beamon, Lucas Beecham, Caleb K. Bell, Alex Belser, Daniel Chamberlin, Shawn Cowls, Archie Cunningham, Lawrence Dreyfuss, Joshua Fesi, Wil Fisher, Aditya Ghosh, David Grotell, Nathan Hauenstein, Nicholas Mayer, Katy McClellan, Michael Petre, Justin Anderson Taylor, Chris Wilmouth, Madelyn Zins

The Fae
  • Cum Inside, Welcome Homo

    Mark pursues all the brass rings of mainstream gay culture – the cute fiancé, the supportive parents, the condo in Hell’s Kitchen – until he meets Puck on the streets of Brooklyn, a "fae" who looks just like one of his dolls he secretly makes from trash - and they give him a magical Amulet and se...