The Peculiar Pair

The Peculiar Pair

The Peculiar Pair is a comedy about two single women over forty who meet by chance on the street in Manchester. We are introduced to the pair in the pilot episode when fun loving agoraphobic, slob Waynetta bravely leaves her flat to throw her ex’s belongings into a skip which lands on top of neurotic neat freak Joanie, who is homeless and living in the skip. The series will follow on and continually explore the questions, will Waynetta save Joanie from homelessness and from going back to her abusive husband or will Joanie be the one to save Waynetta from loneliness and her chronic fear of the outside world as an agoraphobic.

Vision for the Show:
We see ‘The Peculiar Pair’ short film scaling into a full length TV series by bravely addressing the everyday working class issues that the film addressed whilst at the same time embodying the relatability of these two main characters. The series will delve deeper into the challenges that most people, regardless of their demographic can relate to and touches on mental health, homelessness, relationships, sexuality and our need as humans to not live this life alone, celebrating our innate ability to use humour to not laugh at the challenges of others but as a mechanism to cope with our own.

Anna Jaskolka
Emma Turner
Helen Tunnicliff

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The Peculiar Pair
  • The Peculiar Pair - Pilot Episode

    The pilot episode introduces the two lead characters Joanie Kowalski and Waynetta Brown and explores
    their backstories and emphasises how polar opposite these two characters and personalities are.