The Sixty Second Soap Opera

The Sixty Second Soap Opera

3 Seasons

Spawning from the universal lockdown, also known as The Pandemic, we get to peer into the lives of two highly dramatic individuals, as their cohabiting lives together takes multiple twists and turns, for better or for worse, sixty seconds at a time.
Clad with a highly prestigious job, the apprehensive, yet spirited, Vincent Montgomery carries an affluent household with an autocratic socialite wife, Caroline Montgomery. Right before Caroline’s long-awaited Golden Gilded Gallery Gala, an annual ball where everyone who is anyone attends. Shattered, Vincent received devastating news that he was laid-off due to the quarantine from the sweltering Covid-19 climate.
Out of desperation, Vincent must act to prevent the downfall of his household, setting off a wave of charismatic amusing characters and a whirlwind of adventures along the way!
This series was created during the height of the global pandemic, by two actors with resources and locations limited to what was inside the four walls of their home. All characters had to be played by each other which lead to some hilariously interesting consequences that all can enjoy.

Vision for the show:
We imagine the show growing into full 30 minute episodes, with growth in characters and plots all while keeping the same feeling of bottled up charm as though the creators are still making the most out of limited resources. The zany hyperbole of the plots will remain just as unpredictable and more so with the expansion of resources. The characters and storylines would be able to experience new locations and greater adventures with this growth.

Creator, Cast and director Credits:
Creator- Jovi Olivas
Co-creator-Brian Brunswick
Director- Jovi Olivas
Co-Director- Brian Brunswick

Caroline, The Hitman, Dabria, Female Doc-Jovi Olivas
Vincent, Margaret, Rex the Gimp-Brian Brunswick
Male Doctor-Chris Strothers

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The Sixty Second Soap Opera
  • Locked Down and Out

    Episode 1

    Caroline and Vincent live the life of luxury until Vincent gets bad news at the height of a global pandemic!

  • Desperate Times

    Episode 2

    Vincent has discovered a survival plan, but at what cost?

  • Caroline’s Scheme

    Episode 3

    Caroline is no wet noodle and is on to something sinister going on in her household and calls her best friend Margaret to the rescue.

  • Memory Lane

    Episode 4

    Caroline is starting to see her situation for what it is and it breaks her heart. It seems not so long ago that things were much different.

  • The Montgomery Gala

    Episode 5

    Caroline has decided to put matters into her own hands if she wants to survive this pandemic with her gala in tow!

  • The Hit

    Episode 6

    Vincent seems to be one step ahead with a plan of his own, and it is looking very dark.

  • Second Thoughts

    Episode 7

    Vincent begins to second guess his plans, and his own character, but is it too late!?

  • Last Chance

    Episode 8

    As Vincent tries to fix his mistakes, Caroline discovers that her fears are true and calls for help.

  • Margaret’s Special Sauce

    Episode 9

    Caroline’s back up has arrived, but not without a dose of liquid courage. Meanwhile, Vincent goes after a new foe!

  • Season 1 Finale

    Episode 10

    War has arrived in the special length season finale! Vincent goes into battle, while Caroline discovers a grave mistake in her assumptions!

  • Special Episode: Caroline in Limbo

    Episode 11

    In this special length teaser episode, if the Pandemic never happened, things could have been different for Caroline and Vincent. It’s too late to know that now. The perfect world has to move aside for the dark reality that has replaced it.