The Stripper Trade-Off

The Stripper Trade-Off

This almost anthology series is set against the personality of community clubs: they are interconnected and woven into the fabric of every small town or region, and whilst the series arc threads and builds toward \ the Country Women’s Association Bake Off - a defining “blood sport” in every regional Australian town from coast to coast.

Vision for the Show:
It’s about diverse local characters: peeking into the lives of flawed funny people, with uniquely Australian voices. It’s a loose anthology with different leads and featured clubs, but all set in the same small town. Shifting leads also allows us to tell a range of diverse stories across the series and enrich the screen with authentic multicultural, First Nations, neurodiverse, over 60s and LGTBQI+ characters.

Created by Stephen Walker. It is anticipated that guest writers and directors will take the lead in each episode matching background and life experiences of the featured episode story.

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The Stripper Trade-Off
  • The Stripper Trade-Off

    A bachelorette stripper and a tradie walk into a club, going about their respective businesses... just for the wrong clients.