There is Beauty in The Forest

There is Beauty in The Forest

A series of self-contained episodes, exploring various scenarios, characters and worlds.

Vision for the show:
This is a series of self-contained episodes, somewhat in the spirit of the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, except it would be more based in realism, rather than science fiction or fantasy. If funded, there would be an additional episodes produced that would make it a 6-episode mini-series.

Creator, cast, director:
Creator – Nathaniel Styles
Director – Nathaniel Styles
Cast – Because the episodes are self-contained, each one would have a different cast. But here are some of the main actors in the pilot episode that has already been shot:
Nick Burton, Aaron Doran, Margaux Walson, Nika Kleiman, Timo Tulafono, Tyler Van Hollebeke, Kyle Marboe

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There is Beauty in The Forest

    A story about a young man driven towards a mental break due to a stifling work environment and a series of events that makes him question the norms of his daily routines.