8 Episodes

Undergrads is “Superbad” meets “Friends” that follows a group of six students navigating their way through the challenges of young adulthood during their years at Boulder College.

Vision for the Show:
When we were in college we created this series and termed it “season zero”, but we always knew there was a possibility of expanding and making it bigger. College is a universal thing, especially in the U.S., and we think that a show like this can give audiences a glimpse into what the day to day life of a college student is really like. With a show like this, the possibilities are endless. We have a full series bible created along with a pilot for the first season.

Creator, cast and director credits:
Edward McDonald, Luke Fraser, Anthony Musella

Directors: Edward and Luke

- Ted- Edward McDonald
- Jake - Jacob Brumbaugh
- The Bush - Mark Bush
- Chet- Jake Austin
- Noah - Noah Lustgarden

  • This Must Be The Place

    Episode 1

    Jake and Ted struggle to find a third roommate for the upcoming semester.

  • Alpha

    Episode 2

    Jake and Ted battle to be the alpha of the apartment.

  • No Child Left Behind

    Episode 3

    Jake and Ted attempt to take Chet out for ice cream.

  • Yoko
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Ted makes a new friend in class. Jake does not approve.

  • Halloween Special

    Episode 5

    Follow the gang as they maneuver their way through an ever so spooky Halloween night.

  • Shorts

    Episode 6

    The sixth installment of Undergrads consists of four short films.

  • Finale pt.1

    Episode 7

    Ted and Jake complete their college bucket list

  • Finale pt.2

    Episode 8

    The four year journey comes to an end.