Where Is The Love?

Where Is The Love?

Welcome to adulthood, where it’s hard to find love.

Where Is The love, is based off of the creator Tisa Key’s dating history throughout her life. It follows the main character Tisa as she navigates dating through adulthood while dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life. She swears off love while secretly longing and looking to find true love that makes her confused and question, where is the love?

Tisa Key - Tisa
Leslie Brewington - Cupid
Vizion Broadnax - Vee
Sandy Valoy - Sandy
Jess Gardner - Sasha
Phoenix Rising - God
Maria Love - Natasha/Tracey
Kaja Brielle - Eve
Joshua M. Abrams - Apollo

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Where Is The Love?
  • Where is the Love? (Web Series)

    Ep. 1 “And So It Begins” Tisa talks with her best friend Vee about her recent breakup.
    Ep. 2 “V-Day” Tisa meets up with her ex-girlfriend Sandy.
    Ep. 3 “So Close” Tisa goes out on a date.
    Ep. 4 “A Hot Damn Mess” A tipsy Tisa meets Apollo.
    Ep. 5 “Two Is Better Than One” Tisa and Vee go to the club...