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Bored As Hell

One Krampus Open Slay

8m 42s

Up Next in Season 1

  • Anti-Abortion Andy

    An avid soul collector knows a soul when he sees one--even in utero. Though philanthropy is not Satan's forte per se, perhaps ol' Scratch can use his soul detection talents to help make some difficult pro-choices.

  • Kickin' It Old Testament

    Times sure got confusing 21st Century AD. Satan wants to do right and uphold the holy scriptures this time, but nobody obeys Old Testament law anymore. Well Satan's gonna make them obey. He's gonna take them back to the stoning age. "Know what I'm Satan?"

  • The Link Up Kink Up

    Satan may own the cow, but the milk ain’t free; Roxy has been running up a lot of kink bills. That’s okay, because the Sleazy Ouija can always bail Satan out. . . well not this time. Revenge will be a dish served smokin’ hot. OH, YEAH!!