Bored As Hell

Bored As Hell

11 Episodes

His Darkness retires Hell and begins a call-in show on Earth, Satan Station, where viewer calls kick off journeys of 21st century topics and discovery.

Vision for the Show:
Our vision is to create a show that satires 21st century topics and morals. Bored as Hell is silly, crass, and even outright vulgar, using slapstick comedy and absurd creatures, story worlds, and situations. This show has the added opportunity of being interactive by allowing actual viewers to write or call in with a question as a story catalyst.

Kevon Ward - Creator, Primary Director, FX Artist, Writer;
Heath Heine - Satan Actor

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Bored As Hell
  • The Last Supper on Hell's Kitchen

    Episode 1

    "Sure," Satan said, "I'll cater one last supper." Well. . . . Satan didn't know it was going to be THE Last Supper. Can His Darkness pull through and prove Himself to be one wicked chef? . . or will a surprise visit from the Flying Spaghetti Monster ruin it all?

  • Witch Trial by Fire

    Episode 2

    Before the separation of church and state, the "devil's magic" was a phrase used in vain all too often. Superstition permeated courtrooms, causing wrongful accusations of witchcraft. Can Satan clear up this misunderstanding and demonstrate the true meaning of the "devil's magic?"

  • Adam and Eve

    Episode 3

    In the beginning, Adam and Eve walked the floral trails of God's magnificent, green Earth. The Garden of Eden was pure, unadulterated, lush, and beautiful--the perfect place to spend an eternal honeymoon. But when trouble in paradise arises, a forbidden temptation may be the only thing that can s...

  • Damned if Hired, Damned if Fired

    Episode 4

    Lord of Darkness for over six thousand years, Satan's work experience is limited to say the least. While on Earth, can this wicked devil secure steady employment? Will He rise in the ranks of corporate America or will His attempts all go up in flames?

  • Hell Burns Fat

    Episode 5

    Childhood obesity is not to be taken lightly. Can His Darkness summon a killer workout that'll whip these little piglets into shape? With an oink oink here and a squeal squeal there, this ol' Satan's makin' bacon. Oh ho ho ho ho!!!

  • One Krampus Open Slay

    Episode 6

    Satan is a year round, eternal tormentor. . . so His Darkness is not about to move aside for a "seasonal punisher." The Krampus has made Satan's life a living Hell--more than usual--every Christmas. Well not this time!!. Ho. Ho. Ho. Oh, hell no.

  • Anti-Abortion Andy

    Episode 7

    An avid soul collector knows a soul when he sees one--even in utero. Though philanthropy is not Satan's forte per se, perhaps ol' Scratch can use his soul detection talents to help make some difficult pro-choices.

  • Kickin' It Old Testament

    Episode 8

    Times sure got confusing 21st Century AD. Satan wants to do right and uphold the holy scriptures this time, but nobody obeys Old Testament law anymore. Well Satan's gonna make them obey. He's gonna take them back to the stoning age. "Know what I'm Satan?"

  • The Link Up Kink Up

    Episode 9

    Satan may own the cow, but the milk ain’t free; Roxy has been running up a lot of kink bills. That’s okay, because the Sleazy Ouija can always bail Satan out. . . well not this time. Revenge will be a dish served smokin’ hot. OH, YEAH!!

  • Trippin' on LDS

    Episode 10

    Elder Ward and Elder Combs have set out to spread the gospel. With the Book of Mormon by their side and the holy spirit in their hearts, they are ready to convert anyone and everyone. Their joyous mission is always full of divine challenges, memorable experiences, and fun surprises. . . but their...

  • Satan Q and A Part 1

    Episode 11

    Welcome to Satan Station, where the only charge is your salvation! Got a question for Satan? Post below at your own risk!!!