Neal And Jon Make Things Happen

Neal And Jon Make Things Happen

Neal and Jon are lifelong friends. Neal is a whiskey drinking, hard partying, motorcycle riding vintage jewelry store owner with a gambling problem. Jon is a smart, calm and dependable CPA. Neal’s gambling is out of control. He would pay off his debts with the jewelry in his store except half of the items are fake and he owes money all over town. Jon is recently divorced. He’s been bored by his job since 1996. Both friends need a change. The local Italian mob gives Neal an ultimatum. Pay in full or perform a hit for them. Neal feels he has no choice and knows he can’t pull it off successfully on his own so he tricks his close friend Jon into helping. What starts off as a joke to Jon soon becomes a mistake that spirals out of control as Neal and Jon sink deeper into the criminal underworld. Neal and Jon will be forced to navigate a world filled with gangsters, FBI, crooked cops, concerned family and outraged friends. We’ll see Neal and Jon at the mercy of the mob, start an all out gang war, betray each other and finally settle their differences and save their friendship. They have no idea what they’re doing but they’re going to do it anyway.

Vision for the Show:
Neal and Jon Make Things Happen is a series with heightened stakes and over-thetop storylines, but also one that appeals to the everyman. Most adults have wrestled with the
feeling of being left behind, or that their life is stuck in a rut, unable to be corrected to a more exciting path. This series not only provides the catharsis for those that always wished they could try something new, but it’s deeply cynical, yet comedic look at that process is one that is sure to resonate with audiences in unexpected ways.

Created by
Jon Rothenberg,
Clark Birchmeier
& Gary Brunner

Neal And Jon Make Things Happen

    Neal (50), a hard partying vintage jewelry store owner is beaten and then given an ultimatum by Sammy and Todd from the local Italian mob to perform a hit for them when Neal can’t pay back his gambling debts. Neal tries to trick his lifelong CPA friend Jon (59) into helping with this scheme by cl...